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Get notified when pokemon you want to catch are nearby.


npm install pokelerts


For base with no config

$ pokelerts

You can add parameters for sorting functions. Default is by distance but you can also sort by ID or by name.

$ pokelerts [-i|-n]

As well as a parameter to turn off the notifications.

$ pokelerts -q


There are settings in settings.json.

    "api": "",
    "interval": 60,
    "blacklist": [
        10, // Caterpie
        13, // Weedle
        16, // Pidgey
        19, // Rattata
        21, // Spearow
        22  // Fearow

api: Google Geocode API key for searching by address (not needed)

interval: How many seconds to wait between checks. Keep this at a minute or above.

blacklist: You can put IDs of pokemon that you want to filter out of the results in here. The first time you start the program you will be asked where you are. This will set the program to search around that location. This location will be saved in the settings.json file. You can change it manually or delete it to run the prompt again if you wish to search elsewhere.


  • Add data to pokemon to use elsewhere like distance, etc.

Uses the © API.