synthesized mouse cursor


for when you've got a fullscreen game, but you want a cursor.

var interact = require('interact')
  , cursor = require('./index')
  , element
var pointer = interact(document.body)
  , current
pointer.on('attain', function(movements) {
  var to = current = cursor(element, true)
  element = to.element
document.body.onclick = function(ev) {
  if(current) {

creates a cursor element if none is given, and returns it as a writable stream suitable for piping interact movement streams into.

if constrainToWindow isn't given, it defaults to true; the cursor will not be able to leave the window.

if dispatchHover isn't given, it defaults to false; enabling it will dispatch mouseover and mouseout events to the elements hovered. note that this is experimental and slow.

dispatch a click event to the currently hovered element.

the element representing the cursor.

the element currently hovered.