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    • reliable distributed rpc messages via redis in simple callback-style
    • ES6, coverage 66%+, lightweight, scalable & fast
    • uses pub & sub, but makes sure that only a single instance actually works on the task via redlock algorithm.
    • kind of rpc library that feels like making simple callbacks except for the fact that you can make them between services and not classes
    • simplistic circuit breaker to prevent timeout waves
    • metric events
    • pauseable receiver (.pause(), .resume()) for green/blue deployment scenarios

    use case

    • image you have enterprise microservices that have to make rpc/rest/soap calls to dispatch other information during incoming requests
    • now think of the potential overhead that protocols like http can cause, you might most likely have to wait for 20-150ms overhead might depend on your infrastructure
    • there has to be a way to have a standing connection, that sends messages reliably, distributed, scalable and fast with a fixed overhead that can be calculated
    • all you need is a redis cluster/sentinel setup (works with single instance as well..), include this lib in your services and call 2 functions thats about it
    • message queuing, task locking, failovers or timeouts have been wrapped in a super simple callback-like syntax that also scales inside of your software to multiple topics and endless message/task types
    • overhead is between 3-5ms constantly
    • benchmarks hits 7500 rpc/s (full-roundtrip) on mobile i7 @ 2GHZ and Redis 3.2.1 single docker instance, with a single sender

    how to use/install

    • npm install pohl
    • check ./example/index.js for a usage example
    • run example with npm start
    • run tests with npm test (requires localhost redis with default conf)
    • run benchmark with npm run benchmark


    • License: MIT
    • Author: Christian Fröhlingsdorf


    npm i pohl

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