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Unique ever-changing desktop wallpaper, with the NASA Astronomy Picture Of The Day and your name on it. Podcrash is a small but stellar project which supports customization on many levels, including an accent, shadow, text and even an overlay.


Beginner (non-techie)

This tutorial assumes you know little about NPM/NodeJS and haven't got either installed. If you don't meet this criteria and want to head straight to the installation command, you may skip this part and head to the Advanced section.

By far, the easiest and best method to install Podcrash is using Node Package Manager (NPM) which comes with the installation of NodeJS (the platform this project was built on).

NPM and NodeJS can be installed together at this link. From there, you can walk through the setup until to reach the point where everything's ready to go and you're able to successfully run in a command-line terminal like cmd.exe:

npm --version

Finally, you can install the package itself by running the following command. The different parts of the command refer to different elements of the installation:

  • npm is the base command for anything Node package-related and manages installation, updates, removal and more.
  • i is short for install and is pretty self-explanatory (it installs the package into your computer).
  • Next is -g which tells NPM to install the package globally so that you'll be able to access it from anywhere.
  • And at the end is of course, the package name (podcrash).

Combining all of these arguments together, you get your full command:

npm i -g podcrash

This command will install and setup your the entire project and should only take a matter of seconds to install. Once complete you're all ready to go and can move on to the usage.


This area of the installation assumes that you've gotten a decent understanding of NPM and know your way around the terminal. Install Podcrash with the following command:

npm i -g podcrash


In order to use the package effectively, you require an API key for NASA's Astronomy Picture Of the Day project. You can easily get a free API key in a matter of seconds from NASA's website.

Then you can set the API key for Podcrash by running the following command, making sure to replace the value in brackets with the actual API key:

podcrash set [API KEY]


Once the installation is complete, the basic command to run the script is:


To see a list of all available commands, you can enter:

podcrash help


Shoutout to people like you who dedicate their time to support other people and their projects. We wish you the best. 🎉

deletescape Team.


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