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👋 Welcome to

A fast, zero-dependency package for cutting down on common issues developers have when running pod install.

Install pod-install instantly

🚀 Usage

npx pod-install

👋 Notice: This package is not limited to native React projects, you can use it with any iOS or Xcode project using CocoaPods (like Ionic, or Flutter).

🤔 Why?

All native packages (especially those installed with NPM) often need to explain the following:

  • What is CocoaPods.
  • What is gem.
  • How to install CocoaPods.
  • cd into the proper directory before running pod install.
  • You may need run pod repo update to fix your project.
  • Why CocoaPods requires a darwin machine.

But now you can simply instruct users to run npx pod-install.

This package will do the following:

  • Check if the machine is darwin.
    • If not then it'll quit with a helpful error message.
  • Ensure CocoaPods CLI is installed on the machine.
    • If not then it'll try to install CocoaPods CLI, first with gem, then with homebrew.
  • Check if there is an Xcode project in the current directory
    • If not then it'll try again in ios/ than macos/ directories (if any exists).
  • Run pod install
    • If pod install fails because the repo is out of date, then it'll run pod repo update and try again.

⚙️ Options

For more information run npx pod-install --help (or -h)

Flag Input Description Default
--non-interactive [boolean] Skip prompting to install CocoaPods with sudo process.stdout.isTTY
--quiet [boolean] Only print errors false


The Expo source code is made available under the MIT license. Some of the dependencies are licensed differently, with the BSD license, for example.

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