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Small PNG cropping utility, written in pure JS for Node.

PNG Crop

Small PNG crop utility, written in pure JS for Node.

npm install png-crop

(Check out the example folder.)

Both methods take a image path/stream/buffer as input, and a configuration with the keys width, height (mandatory, can be arbitrarily large) and top and left (optional).

var PNGCrop = require('png-crop');
// if you don't know the image's dimension and want to crop for a point all the 
// way til bottom right, just pass a big width/height 
var config1 = {width: 100, height: 62, top: 95, left: 110};
// pass a path, a buffer or a stream as the input 
PNGCrop.crop('1.png', 'expectedCropTopLeftConfig.png', config1, function(err) {
  if (err) throw err;
var PNGCrop = require('png-crop');
// optionally pass top and left to the configurations as the upper left corner 
// from which to start cropping 
var config2 = {width: 53, height: 114};
var imgBuffer = fs.readFileSync('1.png');
PNGCrop.cropToStream(imgBuffer, config2, function(err, outputStream) {
  if (err) throw err;