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A budo-based live-reloading standalone viewer for plotly mocks. Advantages:

  • refetches mock list on each reload (no need to restart server when mock files move around)
  • live reload (devtools server was slow to compile and threw error more often than not as a result when reloading)
  • Detailed JSON error messages that propagate to the browser console ūüéČ
  • Deployed to the web using plotly@latest
  • Specify CDN version on the command line for quick comparison


$ npm i -g plotly-mock-viewer


From within your local plotly.js directory it functions as a live-reloading dev server:

$ cd /path/to/my/local/plotly.js
$ plotly-mock-viewer

If you want to use a particular CDN version of plotly.js instead, you can provide that as an argument:

$ plotly-mock-viewer -s

Which is equivalent to

$ plotly-mock-viewer -v 1.20.0

You can also load a local mock directly (remote url = todo):

$ plotly-mock-viewer local-mock.json

The full list of command line options is:

Usage: plotly-mock-viewer [plot json] {OPTIONS}


             --latest, -l  Use plotly.js latest version from CDN

            --version, -v  Use a specific version of plotly.js from CDN

       --remote-mocks, -r  Use mocks from master branch

               --help, -h  Display this message

--mapbox-access-token, -m  Specify a mapbox access token

         --plotly-src, -s  A local or remote plotly src url

         --plotly-dir, -p  A path to the local plotly directory (by default, looks
                           upward to the nearest package.json)

           --mock-dir, -d  A path to the directory containing mocks (by default,
                           test/image/mocks relative to the plotly directory)

     -remote-topojson, -t  Use topojson from (by default,
                           dist/topojson relative to the plotly directory)

            --mathjax, -j  Load MathJax

          --keep-meta, -k  Skip metadata-stripping browserify transform to enable
                           inspection of the plot schema with metadata


plotly.js is a dev dependency only. So that you can develop the viewer itself, you can start the server using the dev version of plotly.js with:

$ npm start


Includes source of MIT-licensed JavaScript-autoComplete

© 2017 Ricky Reusser. MIT License.