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The simplest and most forgiving plotting API for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Use plot to quickly and conveniently render charts for your data. It is an abstraction layer over JavaScript visualization libraries. Currently supporting Apex Charts, but intending to support more in the future.

Click here for the API docs

For various examples see this repo.

Plot can be used from Node.js, from the browser and is specially designed to integrate with Data-Forge Notebook.

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  • To have a simple way to plot a chart.
  • To be an abstraction over multiple code libraries for visualization in JavaScript.
  • To have a plotting library that works well in Node.js, the browser and in Data-Forge Notebook.
  • To be able to define charts purely as data using a simple JSON format.
  • To be able to serialize a chart to send it over the wire or save it to disk.
  • To be able to separate chart configuration and chart data to make it easy to reuse the charts you create.


Some instructions for using plot. These instructions are for JavaScript, but this library also works in TypeScript.

Import plot


npm install --save plot @plotex/render-dom
const { plot } = require("plot");

const data = [ /* your data */ ];
const parentEl = /* parent DOM to contain the chart */ ;
const chart = plot(data).renderDOM(parentEl);


npm install --save plot @plotex/render-image
const { plot } = require("plot");

const data = [ /* your data */ ];

Data-Forge Notebook

plot is integrated into Data-Forge Notebook.

You can plot an array of JavaScript data like this:

const data = [ /* your data */ ];

See more Data-Forge Notebook examples in the exported example visualization notebook.

Pass in configuration options

const data = [ /* your data */ ];
const chartConfig = { chartType: "bar" };
const axisConfig = { x: "Date", y: "Close" };
plot(data, chartConfig, axisConfig)

Multiple types of data

Plot an array of numbers

plot([10, 15, 30])

Plot an array of JavaScirpt object

plot([ { A: 10, B: 52 }, { A: 15, B: 37 }, A: 30, B: 45 }])

Plot by column

plot({ A: [10, 15, 30], B: [52, 37, 45] })



There's more work to be done!

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