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Use the Play/Pause key on your keyboard to control audio players on websites. (Currently only working for Songza and Pandora.)


$ npm install -g playit

Run Server

Playit works via a WebSocket connection from the audio website and a server running on your machine. To start the server run:

$ playit start

This will start a WebSocket server and an HTTP server on ports 3000 and 8080, respectively. You can change the ports via -p and --httpPort:

$ playit start -p 3001 --httpPort=8888

Run Client

After starting the server, client code will be copied to your clipboard. Open devtools, paste, and hit enter. Now your Play/Pause key should control the Play/Pause button(s) on the website. If you accidentally copy over the contents in your clipboard, you can run $ playit client in another terminal window. NOTE: You MUST run $ playit start to generate the client code for the first time, or $ playit client won't work!

Remote Control

After starting the server, open http://<your host>:8080 in a browser. The Play/Pause button on the webpage should remotely control playback as well. This is ideal if you want to control your music from a mobile device.