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    plasma-core is the core of Plasma Group's client functionality. plasma-core is not designed to be a full plasma client. As a result, plasma-core does not provide a graphical user interface or an easy way to interact with components. If you're looking for a full client, check out plasma-client or plasma-extension


    Welcome! If you're looking to contribute to plasma-core, you're in the right place.

    Contributing Guide and CoC

    Plasma Group follows a Contributing Guide and Code of Conduct adapted slightly from the Contributor Covenant. All contributors are expected to read through this guide. We're here to cultivate a welcoming and inclusive contributing environment, and every new contributor needs to do their part to uphold our community standards.


    Detailed documentation for plasma-core is available here. If you'd like to contribute to the documentation, please edit the contents of the /docs folder and submit a pull request!

    Requirements and Setup

    Cloning the Repo

    Before you start working on plasma-core, you'll need to clone our GitHub repository:

    git clone

    Now, enter the repository.

    cd plasma-core


    plasma-core is a Node.js application. You'll need to install Node.js (and its corresponding package manager, npm) for your system before continuing. We've provided a detailed explanation of now to install Node.js on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    plasma-core has been tested on the following versions of Node:

    • v8
    • v9
    • v10

    If you're having trouble getting a component of plasma-core running, please try installing one of the above versions of Node.js and try again. It's pretty easy to switch Node.js versions using n. First, install n globally.

    npm install -g n

    Next, install your desired verson of Node.js, say v10:

    n 10


    plasma-core makes use of several npm packages.

    Install all required packages with:

    npm install

    Running Tests

    plasma-core makes use of a combination of Mocha (a testing framework) and Chai (an assertion library) for testing.

    Run all tests with:

    npm test

    Contributors: remember to run tests before submitting a pull request! Code with passing tests makes life easier for everyone and means your contribution can get pulled into this project faster.


    A more detailed explanation of the plasma-core architecture is available here.

    Architecture Diagram



    npm i plasma-core

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