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a simple tool for generate templates


Plamo is a Fast tool for generate a project Template written on node

$ npm install plamo

Navigate to the your workspace then enter to plamo folder (you can extract plamo folder to the workspace) info: We working to make plamo globaly.

The quickest way to get started with plamo :

Create the new Project :

  $ node plamo
  $ create Project

Exemple of projects Type :

  • Type (b) :basic project is boilerplate HTML5, the folder that plamo clone is basicly squelette-basic You can add the other librarys or file into your own plamo copy

  • Type (js) :is simple template boilerplate HTML5 and Backbone files the source template that plamo clone on select Type (js) is squelette-js

  • Type (cb) : is simple template for boilereplate HTML 5 and Backbone using CoffeeScript , SASS and COMPASS

You can also adding your own Template :) by adding your own folder into this squelettes folder.

One of the feautures of plamo is the scaffolding page when you create by plamo your project you will find the json file called site.json,
at this point you just insert your pages on this object (see the site.json exemple) then you can now scaffold :

  $ scaffold