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    What are these?

    These are tiny monospaced pixel fonts in a variety of sizes. These top-level directories are all named after the pixel size of a single character, and the files within are named for the 256-character segment of Unicode they contain (so, for instance, 02.png in any directory will contain U+0200 through U+02FF). Filenames ending in _E are the emoji variants for blocks that contain both text and emoji characters (e.g. many of the U+26xx set).

    All of the files are PNGs, with a transparent background and a default character color of white (although emoji and other characters can be in color). This is to make them easily recolorable using a "multiply" operation.

    About versioning

    This package will not be version 1.0 until everything I intend to be in a full release is at least in the 8x12 directory (which is where active development is happening). Until then, the minor version number is a very rough estimate of how far along the project is.

    Currently included:

    • 00 through 05 (Latin, IPA, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew)
    • 16 (last part of Canadian syllabics, Ogham, Runic)
    • 1D, 1E (Latin extended additional)
    • 1F (tone-marked Greek)
    • 20 through 27 (punctuation, geometric shapes, Dingbats, and assorted symbols)
    • 28 (Braille)
    • 29 (supplemental arrows and math symbols)
    • 2B (more miscellaneous symbols)
    • 30 (CJK symbols and Japanese kana)
    • 31 (Bopomofo, Hangul jamo, and some more kana)
    • 33 (CJK compatibility glyphs)
    • 1F0 (game symbols)
    • 1F1 (packed CJK character things)
    • 1F3, 1F4, 1F5, 1F6, 1F9, 1fA (the emoji blocks, including chess symbols)
    • 1FB (the Legacy Computing block, as of the 13.0 draft currently up)

    In progress:

    • 14, 15 (remaining Canadian syllabics)
    • 2A, 2E (more symbols)
    • Some fun stuff in the Private Use Area

    Post-1.0 plans:

    • 06, FB, FC, FD (Arabic and its presentation forms)
    • 09 (Devanagari and Bengali)
    • 0A through 11 (more Asian/Indic blocks)
    • 12 and 13 (Ethiopic and Cherokee)
    • 32 (CJK enclosed symbols)
    • Some reasonable subset of IICore characters (for Chinese/Kanji)
      • Note: at these small pixel sizes, most characters will be illegible, so I will only implement characters that are distinctive and commonly used.
    • Hangul syllables
    • 1F2 (enclosed characters and kanji)

    2.0 and later:

    • Everything else that can reasonably fit into an 8×12 block of pixels


    npm i pixelfonts

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