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Create a file called .env in the directory where you will be running the script from. It should contain the following:


Change the values to suit your board. And then run npm start

Triggering effects

It's all done by hitting urls, which makes it easy to trigger from things like reveal.js.

Supported Effects

  • /glitter - A sparkly, glittery effect
  • /blink-test - Blink all the leds on and off at 2hz
  • /rainbow - Rainbow across the leds
  • / - turn off effects

Cylinder Spiral Effect

The /rainbow endpoint has a special mode that is enabled by adding COLUMN_LENGTH and ROW_COUNT to the .env file. This will cause the leds to spiral down a cylinder. This is a special case for a specific project I'm working on.

This hasn't been tested yet because I'm still developing the device