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    Pipedrive client for NodeJS based apps

    Pipedrive is a sales pipeline software that gets you organized. It's a powerful sales CRM with effortless sales pipeline management. See for details.

    This is the official Pipedrive API wrapper-client for NodeJS based apps, distributed by Pipedrive Inc freely under the MIT licence. It provides convenient access to the Pipedrive API, allowing you to operate with objects such as Deals, Persons, Organizations, Products and much more.


    npm install pipedrive

    API Reference

    The Pipedrive RESTful API Reference can be found at Pipedrive API’s core concepts for its usage can be found in our Developer documentation.

    How to use it?


    The pipedrive.ApiClient.instance has been deprecated.

    Please, initialise a new pipedrive.ApiClient() instance separately for each request instead.

    With a pre-set API token

    You can retrieve the api_token from your existing Pipedrive account’s settings page. A step-by-step guide is available here.

    const express = require('express');
    const app = express();
    const pipedrive = require('pipedrive');
    const PORT = 1800;
    const defaultClient = new pipedrive.ApiClient();
    // Configure API key authorization: apiToken
    let apiToken = defaultClient.authentications.api_key;
    apiToken.apiKey = 'YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE';
    app.listen(PORT, () => {
        console.log(`Listening on port ${PORT}`);
    app.get('/', async (req, res) => {
        const api = new pipedrive.DealsApi(defaultClient);
        const deals = await api.getDeals();

    With OAuth 2

    If you would like to use an OAuth access token for making API calls, then make sure the API key described in the previous section is not set or is set to an empty string. If both API token and OAuth access token are set, then the API token takes precedence.

    To set up authentication in the API client, you need the following information. You can receive the necessary client tokens through a Sandbox account (get it here) and generate the tokens (detailed steps here).

    Parameter Description
    clientId OAuth 2 Client ID
    clientSecret OAuth 2 Client Secret
    redirectUri OAuth 2 Redirection endpoint or Callback Uri

    Next, initialize the API client as follows:

    const pipedrive = require('pipedrive');
    const apiClient = new pipedrive.ApiClient();
    // Configuration parameters and credentials
    let oauth2 = apiClient.authentications.oauth2;
    oauth2.clientId = 'clientId'; // OAuth 2 Client ID
    oauth2.clientSecret = 'clientSecret'; // OAuth 2 Client Secret
    oauth2.redirectUri = 'redirectUri'; // OAuth 2 Redirection endpoint or Callback Uri

    You must now authorize the client.

    Authorizing your client

    Your application must obtain user authorization before it can execute an endpoint call. The SDK uses OAuth 2.0 authorization to obtain a user's consent to perform an API request on the user's behalf. Details about how the OAuth2.0 flow works in Pipedrive, how long tokens are valid, and more, can be found here.

    1. Obtaining user consent

    To obtain user's consent, you must redirect the user to the authorization page. The buildAuthorizationUrl() method creates the URL to the authorization page.

    const authUrl = apiClient.buildAuthorizationUrl();
    // open up the authUrl in the browser

    2. Handle the OAuth server response

    Once the user responds to the consent request, the OAuth 2.0 server responds to your application's access request by using the URL specified in the request.

    If the user approves the request, the authorization code will be sent as the code query string:

    If the user does not approve the request, the response contains an error query string:

    3. Authorize the client using the code

    After the server receives the code, it can exchange this for an access token. The access token is an object containing information for authorizing the client and refreshing the token itself. In the API client all the access token fields are held separately in the authentications.oauth2 object. Additionally access token expiration time as an authentications.oauth2.expiresAt field is calculated. It is measured in the number of milliseconds elapsed since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 UTC.

    const tokenPromise = apiClient.authorize(code);

    The Node.js SDK supports only promises. So, the authorize call returns a promise.

    Refreshing token

    Access tokens may expire after sometime. To extend its lifetime, you must refresh the token.

    const refreshPromise = apiClient.refreshToken();
    refreshPromise.then(() => {
        // token has been refreshed
    } , (exception) => {
        // error occurred, exception will be of type src/exceptions/OAuthProviderException

    If the access token expires, the SDK will attempt to automatically refresh it before the next endpoint call which requires authentication.

    Storing an access token for reuse

    It is recommended that you store the access token for reuse.

    This code snippet stores the access token in a session for an express application. It uses the cookie-parser and cookie-session npm packages for storing the access token.

    const express = require('express');
    const cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
    const cookieSession = require('cookie-session');
    const app = express();
        name: 'session',
        keys: ['key1']
    const lib = require('pipedrive');
    // store access token in the session
    // note that this is only the access token field value not the whole token object
    req.session.accessToken = apiClient.authentications.oauth2.accessToken;

    However, since the SDK will attempt to automatically refresh the access token when it expires, it is recommended that you register a token update callback to detect any change to the access token.

    apiClient.authentications.oauth2.tokenUpdateCallback = function(token) {
        // getting the updated token
        // here the token is an object, you can store the whole object or extract fields into separate values
        req.session.token = token;

    The token update callback will be fired upon authorization as well as token refresh.

    To authorize a client from a stored access token, just set the access token in api client oauth2 authentication object along with the other configuration parameters before making endpoint calls:

    NB! This code only supports one client and should not be used as production code. Please store a separate access token for each client.

    const express = require('express');
    const cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
    const cookieSession = require('cookie-session');
    const app = express();
        name: 'session',
        keys: ['key1']
    const lib = require('pipedrive');
    app.get('/', (req, res) => {
        apiClient.authentications.oauth2.accessToken = req.session.accessToken; // the access token stored in the session

    Complete example

    This example demonstrates an express application (which uses cookie-parser and cookie-session) for handling session persistence.

    In this example, there are 2 endpoints. The base endpoint '/' first checks if the token is stored in the session. If it is, API endpoints can be called using the corresponding SDK controllers.

    However, if the token is not set in the session, then authorization URL is built and opened up. The response comes back at the '/callback' endpoint, which uses the code to authorize the client and store the token in the session. It then redirects back to the base endpoint for calling endpoints from the SDK.

    const express = require('express');
    const app = express();
    const cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
    const cookieSession = require('cookie-session');
        name: 'session',
        keys: ['key1']
    const PORT = 1800;
    const pipedrive = require('pipedrive');
    const apiClient = new pipedrive.ApiClient();
    let oauth2 = apiClient.authentications.oauth2;
    oauth2.clientId = 'clientId'; // OAuth 2 Client ID
    oauth2.clientSecret = 'clientSecret'; // OAuth 2 Client Secret
    oauth2.redirectUri = 'http://localhost:1800/callback'; // OAuth 2 Redirection endpoint or Callback Uri
    app.listen(PORT, () => {
        console.log(`Listening on port ${PORT}`);
    app.get('/', async (req, res) => {
        if (req.session.accessToken !== null && req.session.accessToken !== undefined) {
            // token is already set in the session
            // now make API calls as required
            // client will automatically refresh the token when it expires and call the token update callback
            const api = new pipedrive.DealsApi(apiClient);
            const deals = await api.getDeals();
        } else {
            const authUrl = apiClient.buildAuthorizationUrl();;
    app.get('/callback', (req, res) => {
        const authCode = req.query.code;
        const promise = apiClient.authorize(code);
        promise.then(() => {
            req.session.accessToken = apiClient.authentications.oauth2.accessToken;
        }, (exception) => {
            // error occurred, exception will be of type src/exceptions/OAuthProviderException

    Documentation for API Endpoints

    All URIs are relative to

    Class Method HTTP request Description
    Pipedrive.ActivitiesApi addActivity POST /activities Add an activity
    Pipedrive.ActivitiesApi deleteActivities DELETE /activities Delete multiple activities in bulk
    Pipedrive.ActivitiesApi deleteActivity DELETE /activities/{id} Delete an activity
    Pipedrive.ActivitiesApi getActivities GET /activities Get all activities assigned to a particular user
    Pipedrive.ActivitiesApi getActivity GET /activities/{id} Get details of an activity
    Pipedrive.ActivitiesApi updateActivity PUT /activities/{id} Update an activity
    Pipedrive.ActivityFieldsApi getActivityFields GET /activityFields Get all activity fields
    Pipedrive.ActivityTypesApi addActivityType POST /activityTypes Add new activity type
    Pipedrive.ActivityTypesApi deleteActivityType DELETE /activityTypes/{id} Delete an activity type
    Pipedrive.ActivityTypesApi deleteActivityTypes DELETE /activityTypes Delete multiple activity types in bulk
    Pipedrive.ActivityTypesApi getActivityTypes GET /activityTypes Get all activity types
    Pipedrive.ActivityTypesApi updateActivityType PUT /activityTypes/{id} Update an activity type
    Pipedrive.BillingApi getCompanyAddons GET /billing/subscriptions/addons Get all add-ons for a single company
    Pipedrive.CallLogsApi addCallLog POST /callLogs Add a call log
    Pipedrive.CallLogsApi addCallLogAudioFile POST /callLogs/{id}/recordings Attach an audio file to the call log
    Pipedrive.CallLogsApi deleteCallLog DELETE /callLogs/{id} Delete a call log
    Pipedrive.CallLogsApi getCallLog GET /callLogs/{id} Get details of a call log
    Pipedrive.CallLogsApi getUserCallLogs GET /callLogs Get all call logs assigned to a particular user
    Pipedrive.ChannelsApi addChannel POST /channels Add a channel
    Pipedrive.ChannelsApi deleteChannel DELETE /channels/{id} Delete a channel
    Pipedrive.ChannelsApi deleteConversation DELETE /channels/{channel-id}/conversations/{conversation-id} Delete a conversation
    Pipedrive.ChannelsApi receiveMessage POST /channels/messages/receive Receives an incoming message
    Pipedrive.CurrenciesApi getCurrencies GET /currencies Get all supported currencies
    Pipedrive.DealFieldsApi addDealField POST /dealFields Add a new deal field
    Pipedrive.DealFieldsApi deleteDealField DELETE /dealFields/{id} Delete a deal field
    Pipedrive.DealFieldsApi deleteDealFields DELETE /dealFields Delete multiple deal fields in bulk
    Pipedrive.DealFieldsApi getDealField GET /dealFields/{id} Get one deal field
    Pipedrive.DealFieldsApi getDealFields GET /dealFields Get all deal fields
    Pipedrive.DealFieldsApi updateDealField PUT /dealFields/{id} Update a deal field
    Pipedrive.DealsApi addDeal POST /deals Add a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi addDealFollower POST /deals/{id}/followers Add a follower to a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi addDealParticipant POST /deals/{id}/participants Add a participant to a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi addDealProduct POST /deals/{id}/products Add a product to a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi deleteDeal DELETE /deals/{id} Delete a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi deleteDealFollower DELETE /deals/{id}/followers/{follower_id} Delete a follower from a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi deleteDealParticipant DELETE /deals/{id}/participants/{deal_participant_id} Delete a participant from a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi deleteDealProduct DELETE /deals/{id}/products/{product_attachment_id} Delete an attached product from a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi deleteDeals DELETE /deals Delete multiple deals in bulk
    Pipedrive.DealsApi duplicateDeal POST /deals/{id}/duplicate Duplicate deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDeal GET /deals/{id} Get details of a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealActivities GET /deals/{id}/activities List activities associated with a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealFiles GET /deals/{id}/files List files attached to a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealFollowers GET /deals/{id}/followers List followers of a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealMailMessages GET /deals/{id}/mailMessages List mail messages associated with a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealParticipants GET /deals/{id}/participants List participants of a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealPersons GET /deals/{id}/persons List all persons associated with a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealProducts GET /deals/{id}/products List products attached to a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealUpdates GET /deals/{id}/flow List updates about a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealUsers GET /deals/{id}/permittedUsers List permitted users
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDeals GET /deals Get all deals
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealsSummary GET /deals/summary Get deals summary
    Pipedrive.DealsApi getDealsTimeline GET /deals/timeline Get deals timeline
    Pipedrive.DealsApi mergeDeals PUT /deals/{id}/merge Merge two deals
    Pipedrive.DealsApi searchDeals GET /deals/search Search deals
    Pipedrive.DealsApi updateDeal PUT /deals/{id} Update a deal
    Pipedrive.DealsApi updateDealProduct PUT /deals/{id}/products/{product_attachment_id} Update the product attached to a deal
    Pipedrive.FilesApi addFile POST /files Add file
    Pipedrive.FilesApi addFileAndLinkIt POST /files/remote Create a remote file and link it to an item
    Pipedrive.FilesApi deleteFile DELETE /files/{id} Delete a file
    Pipedrive.FilesApi downloadFile GET /files/{id}/download Download one file
    Pipedrive.FilesApi getFile GET /files/{id} Get one file
    Pipedrive.FilesApi getFiles GET /files Get all files
    Pipedrive.FilesApi linkFileToItem POST /files/remoteLink Link a remote file to an item
    Pipedrive.FilesApi updateFile PUT /files/{id} Update file details
    Pipedrive.FiltersApi addFilter POST /filters Add a new filter
    Pipedrive.FiltersApi deleteFilter DELETE /filters/{id} Delete a filter
    Pipedrive.FiltersApi deleteFilters DELETE /filters Delete multiple filters in bulk
    Pipedrive.FiltersApi getFilter GET /filters/{id} Get one filter
    Pipedrive.FiltersApi getFilterHelpers GET /filters/helpers Get all filter helpers
    Pipedrive.FiltersApi getFilters GET /filters Get all filters
    Pipedrive.FiltersApi updateFilter PUT /filters/{id} Update filter
    Pipedrive.GoalsApi addGoal POST /goals Add a new goal
    Pipedrive.GoalsApi deleteGoal DELETE /goals/{id} Delete existing goal
    Pipedrive.GoalsApi getGoalResult GET /goals/{id}/results Get result of a goal
    Pipedrive.GoalsApi getGoals GET /goals/find Find goals
    Pipedrive.GoalsApi updateGoal PUT /goals/{id} Update existing goal
    Pipedrive.ItemSearchApi searchItem GET /itemSearch Perform a search from multiple item types
    Pipedrive.ItemSearchApi searchItemByField GET /itemSearch/field Perform a search using a specific field from an item type
    Pipedrive.LeadLabelsApi addLeadLabel POST /leadLabels Add a lead label
    Pipedrive.LeadLabelsApi deleteLeadLabel DELETE /leadLabels/{id} Delete a lead label
    Pipedrive.LeadLabelsApi getLeadLabels GET /leadLabels Get all lead labels
    Pipedrive.LeadLabelsApi updateLeadLabel PATCH /leadLabels/{id} Update a lead label
    Pipedrive.LeadSourcesApi getLeadSources GET /leadSources Get all lead sources
    Pipedrive.LeadsApi addLead POST /leads Add a lead
    Pipedrive.LeadsApi deleteLead DELETE /leads/{id} Delete a lead
    Pipedrive.LeadsApi getLead GET /leads/{id} Get one lead
    Pipedrive.LeadsApi getLeads GET /leads Get all leads
    Pipedrive.LeadsApi searchLeads GET /leads/search Search leads
    Pipedrive.LeadsApi updateLead PATCH /leads/{id} Update a lead
    Pipedrive.LegacyTeamsApi addTeam POST /legacyTeams Add a new team
    Pipedrive.LegacyTeamsApi addTeamUser POST /legacyTeams/{id}/users Add users to a team
    Pipedrive.LegacyTeamsApi deleteTeamUser DELETE /legacyTeams/{id}/users Delete users from a team
    Pipedrive.LegacyTeamsApi getTeam GET /legacyTeams/{id} Get a single team
    Pipedrive.LegacyTeamsApi getTeamUsers GET /legacyTeams/{id}/users Get all users in a team
    Pipedrive.LegacyTeamsApi getTeams GET /legacyTeams Get all teams
    Pipedrive.LegacyTeamsApi getUserTeams GET /legacyTeams/user/{id} Get all teams of a user
    Pipedrive.LegacyTeamsApi updateTeam PUT /legacyTeams/{id} Update a team
    Pipedrive.MailboxApi deleteMailThread DELETE /mailbox/mailThreads/{id} Delete mail thread
    Pipedrive.MailboxApi getMailMessage GET /mailbox/mailMessages/{id} Get one mail message
    Pipedrive.MailboxApi getMailThread GET /mailbox/mailThreads/{id} Get one mail thread
    Pipedrive.MailboxApi getMailThreadMessages GET /mailbox/mailThreads/{id}/mailMessages Get all mail messages of mail thread
    Pipedrive.MailboxApi getMailThreads GET /mailbox/mailThreads Get mail threads
    Pipedrive.MailboxApi updateMailThreadDetails PUT /mailbox/mailThreads/{id} Update mail thread details
    Pipedrive.NoteFieldsApi getNoteFields GET /noteFields Get all note fields
    Pipedrive.NotesApi addNote POST /notes Add a note
    Pipedrive.NotesApi addNoteComment POST /notes/{id}/comments Add a comment to a note
    Pipedrive.NotesApi deleteComment DELETE /notes/{id}/comments/{commentId} Delete a comment related to a note
    Pipedrive.NotesApi deleteNote DELETE /notes/{id} Delete a note
    Pipedrive.NotesApi getComment GET /notes/{id}/comments/{commentId} Get one comment
    Pipedrive.NotesApi getNote GET /notes/{id} Get one note
    Pipedrive.NotesApi getNoteComments GET /notes/{id}/comments Get all comments for a note
    Pipedrive.NotesApi getNotes GET /notes Get all notes
    Pipedrive.NotesApi updateCommentForNote PUT /notes/{id}/comments/{commentId} Update a comment related to a note
    Pipedrive.NotesApi updateNote PUT /notes/{id} Update a note
    Pipedrive.OrganizationFieldsApi addOrganizationField POST /organizationFields Add a new organization field
    Pipedrive.OrganizationFieldsApi deleteOrganizationField DELETE /organizationFields/{id} Delete an organization field
    Pipedrive.OrganizationFieldsApi deleteOrganizationFields DELETE /organizationFields Delete multiple organization fields in bulk
    Pipedrive.OrganizationFieldsApi getOrganizationField GET /organizationFields/{id} Get one organization field
    Pipedrive.OrganizationFieldsApi getOrganizationFields GET /organizationFields Get all organization fields
    Pipedrive.OrganizationFieldsApi updateOrganizationField PUT /organizationFields/{id} Update an organization field
    Pipedrive.OrganizationRelationshipsApi addOrganizationRelationship POST /organizationRelationships Create an organization relationship
    Pipedrive.OrganizationRelationshipsApi deleteOrganizationRelationship DELETE /organizationRelationships/{id} Delete an organization relationship
    Pipedrive.OrganizationRelationshipsApi getOrganizationRelationship GET /organizationRelationships/{id} Get one organization relationship
    Pipedrive.OrganizationRelationshipsApi getOrganizationRelationships GET /organizationRelationships Get all relationships for organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationRelationshipsApi updateOrganizationRelationship PUT /organizationRelationships/{id} Update an organization relationship
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi addOrganization POST /organizations Add an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi addOrganizationFollower POST /organizations/{id}/followers Add a follower to an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi deleteOrganization DELETE /organizations/{id} Delete an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi deleteOrganizationFollower DELETE /organizations/{id}/followers/{follower_id} Delete a follower from an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi deleteOrganizations DELETE /organizations Delete multiple organizations in bulk
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganization GET /organizations/{id} Get details of an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizationActivities GET /organizations/{id}/activities List activities associated with an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizationDeals GET /organizations/{id}/deals List deals associated with an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizationFiles GET /organizations/{id}/files List files attached to an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizationFollowers GET /organizations/{id}/followers List followers of an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizationMailMessages GET /organizations/{id}/mailMessages List mail messages associated with an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizationPersons GET /organizations/{id}/persons List persons of an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizationUpdates GET /organizations/{id}/flow List updates about an organization
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizationUsers GET /organizations/{id}/permittedUsers List permitted users
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi getOrganizations GET /organizations Get all organizations
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi mergeOrganizations PUT /organizations/{id}/merge Merge two organizations
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi searchOrganization GET /organizations/search Search organizations
    Pipedrive.OrganizationsApi updateOrganization PUT /organizations/{id} Update an organization
    Pipedrive.PermissionSetsApi getPermissionSet GET /permissionSets/{id} Get one permission set
    Pipedrive.PermissionSetsApi getPermissionSetAssignments GET /permissionSets/{id}/assignments List permission set assignments
    Pipedrive.PermissionSetsApi getPermissionSets GET /permissionSets Get all permission sets
    Pipedrive.PersonFieldsApi addPersonField POST /personFields Add a new person field
    Pipedrive.PersonFieldsApi deletePersonField DELETE /personFields/{id} Delete a person field
    Pipedrive.PersonFieldsApi deletePersonFields DELETE /personFields Delete multiple person fields in bulk
    Pipedrive.PersonFieldsApi getPersonField GET /personFields/{id} Get one person field
    Pipedrive.PersonFieldsApi getPersonFields GET /personFields Get all person fields
    Pipedrive.PersonFieldsApi updatePersonField PUT /personFields/{id} Update a person field
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi addPerson POST /persons Add a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi addPersonFollower POST /persons/{id}/followers Add a follower to a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi addPersonPicture POST /persons/{id}/picture Add person picture
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi deletePerson DELETE /persons/{id} Delete a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi deletePersonFollower DELETE /persons/{id}/followers/{follower_id} Delete a follower from a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi deletePersonPicture DELETE /persons/{id}/picture Delete person picture
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi deletePersons DELETE /persons Delete multiple persons in bulk
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPerson GET /persons/{id} Get details of a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersonActivities GET /persons/{id}/activities List activities associated with a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersonDeals GET /persons/{id}/deals List deals associated with a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersonFiles GET /persons/{id}/files List files attached to a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersonFollowers GET /persons/{id}/followers List followers of a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersonMailMessages GET /persons/{id}/mailMessages List mail messages associated with a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersonProducts GET /persons/{id}/products List products associated with a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersonUpdates GET /persons/{id}/flow List updates about a person
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersonUsers GET /persons/{id}/permittedUsers List permitted users
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi getPersons GET /persons Get all persons
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi mergePersons PUT /persons/{id}/merge Merge two persons
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi searchPersons GET /persons/search Search persons
    Pipedrive.PersonsApi updatePerson PUT /persons/{id} Update a person
    Pipedrive.PipelinesApi addPipeline POST /pipelines Add a new pipeline
    Pipedrive.PipelinesApi deletePipeline DELETE /pipelines/{id} Delete a pipeline
    Pipedrive.PipelinesApi getPipeline GET /pipelines/{id} Get one pipeline
    Pipedrive.PipelinesApi getPipelineConversionStatistics GET /pipelines/{id}/conversion_statistics Get deals conversion rates in pipeline
    Pipedrive.PipelinesApi getPipelineDeals GET /pipelines/{id}/deals Get deals in a pipeline
    Pipedrive.PipelinesApi getPipelineMovementStatistics GET /pipelines/{id}/movement_statistics Get deals movements in pipeline
    Pipedrive.PipelinesApi getPipelines GET /pipelines Get all pipelines
    Pipedrive.PipelinesApi updatePipeline PUT /pipelines/{id} Update a pipeline
    Pipedrive.ProductFieldsApi addProductField POST /productFields Add a new product field
    Pipedrive.ProductFieldsApi deleteProductField DELETE /productFields/{id} Delete a product field
    Pipedrive.ProductFieldsApi deleteProductFields DELETE /productFields Delete multiple product fields in bulk
    Pipedrive.ProductFieldsApi getProductField GET /productFields/{id} Get one product field
    Pipedrive.ProductFieldsApi getProductFields GET /productFields Get all product fields
    Pipedrive.ProductFieldsApi updateProductField PUT /productFields/{id} Update a product field
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi addProduct POST /products Add a product
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi addProductFollower POST /products/{id}/followers Add a follower to a product
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi deleteProduct DELETE /products/{id} Delete a product
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi deleteProductFollower DELETE /products/{id}/followers/{follower_id} Delete a follower from a product
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi getProduct GET /products/{id} Get one product
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi getProductDeals GET /products/{id}/deals Get deals where a product is attached to
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi getProductFiles GET /products/{id}/files List files attached to a product
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi getProductFollowers GET /products/{id}/followers List followers of a product
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi getProductUsers GET /products/{id}/permittedUsers List permitted users
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi getProducts GET /products Get all products
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi searchProducts GET /products/search Search products
    Pipedrive.ProductsApi updateProduct PUT /products/{id} Update a product
    Pipedrive.RecentsApi getRecents GET /recents Get recents
    Pipedrive.RolesApi addOrUpdateRoleSetting POST /roles/{id}/settings Add or update role setting
    Pipedrive.RolesApi addRole POST /roles Add a role
    Pipedrive.RolesApi addRoleAssignment POST /roles/{id}/assignments Add role assignment
    Pipedrive.RolesApi deleteRole DELETE /roles/{id} Delete a role
    Pipedrive.RolesApi deleteRoleAssignment DELETE /roles/{id}/assignments Delete a role assignment
    Pipedrive.RolesApi getRole GET /roles/{id} Get one role
    Pipedrive.RolesApi getRoleAssignments GET /roles/{id}/assignments List role assignments
    Pipedrive.RolesApi getRoleSettings GET /roles/{id}/settings List role settings
    Pipedrive.RolesApi getRoles GET /roles Get all roles
    Pipedrive.RolesApi updateRole PUT /roles/{id} Update role details
    Pipedrive.StagesApi addStage POST /stages Add a new stage
    Pipedrive.StagesApi deleteStage DELETE /stages/{id} Delete a stage
    Pipedrive.StagesApi deleteStages DELETE /stages Delete multiple stages in bulk
    Pipedrive.StagesApi getStage GET /stages/{id} Get one stage
    Pipedrive.StagesApi getStageDeals GET /stages/{id}/deals Get deals in a stage
    Pipedrive.StagesApi getStages GET /stages Get all stages
    Pipedrive.StagesApi updateStage PUT /stages/{id} Update stage details
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi addRecurringSubscription POST /subscriptions/recurring Add a recurring subscription
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi addSubscriptionInstallment POST /subscriptions/installment Add an installment subscription
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi cancelRecurringSubscription PUT /subscriptions/recurring/{id}/cancel Cancel a recurring subscription
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi deleteSubscription DELETE /subscriptions/{id} Delete a subscription
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi findSubscriptionByDeal GET /subscriptions/find/{dealId} Find subscription by deal
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi getSubscription GET /subscriptions/{id} Get details of a subscription
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi getSubscriptionPayments GET /subscriptions/{id}/payments Get all payments of a subscription
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi updateRecurringSubscription PUT /subscriptions/recurring/{id} Update a recurring subscription
    Pipedrive.SubscriptionsApi updateSubscriptionInstallment PUT /subscriptions/installment/{id} Update an installment subscription
    Pipedrive.UserConnectionsApi getUserConnections GET /userConnections Get all user connections
    Pipedrive.UserSettingsApi getUserSettings GET /userSettings List settings of an authorized user
    Pipedrive.UsersApi addUser POST /users Add a new user
    Pipedrive.UsersApi findUsersByName GET /users/find Find users by name
    Pipedrive.UsersApi getCurrentUser GET /users/me Get current user data
    Pipedrive.UsersApi getUser GET /users/{id} Get one user
    Pipedrive.UsersApi getUserFollowers GET /users/{id}/followers List followers of a user
    Pipedrive.UsersApi getUserPermissions GET /users/{id}/permissions List user permissions
    Pipedrive.UsersApi getUserRoleAssignments GET /users/{id}/roleAssignments List role assignments
    Pipedrive.UsersApi getUserRoleSettings GET /users/{id}/roleSettings List user role settings
    Pipedrive.UsersApi getUsers GET /users Get all users
    Pipedrive.UsersApi updateUser PUT /users/{id} Update user details
    Pipedrive.WebhooksApi addWebhook POST /webhooks Create a new Webhook
    Pipedrive.WebhooksApi deleteWebhook DELETE /webhooks/{id} Delete existing Webhook
    Pipedrive.WebhooksApi getWebhooks GET /webhooks Get all Webhooks

    Documentation for Models

    Documentation for Authorization


    • Type: API key
    • API key parameter name: api_token
    • Location: URL query string


    • Type: OAuth
    • Flow: accessCode
    • Authorization URL:
    • Scopes:
      • deals:read: Read most data about deals and related entities.
      • deals:full: Create, read, update and delete deals, its participants and followers.
      • goals:read: Read data on all goals.
      • goals:full: Create, read, update and delete goals.
      • leads:read: Read leads and leads labels.
      • leads:full: Create, read, update and delete leads and leads labels
      • activities:read: Read activities, its fields and types; all files and filters.
      • activities:full: Create, read, update and delete activities and all files and filters.
      • contacts:read: Read data about persons and organizations, their related fields and followers.
      • contacts:full: Create, read, update and delete persons and organizations and their followers.
      • admin: Allows to do many things that an administrator can do in a Pipedrive company account.
      • recents:read: Read all recent changes occured in an account.
      • search:read: Search across the account for deals, persons, organizations, files and products and see details about the returned results.
      • mail:read: Read mail threads and messages.
      • mail:full: Read, update and delete mail threads. Also grants read access to mail messages.
      • products:read: Read products, its fields, files, followers and products connected to a deal.
      • products:full: Create, read, update and delete products and its fields; add products to deals
      • users:read: Read data about users (people with access to a Pipedrive account), their permissions, roles and followers, as well as about legacy teams.
      • base: Read settings of the authorized user and currencies in an account.
      • phone-integration: Create, read and delete call logs and its audio recordings.




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