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    A pimatic plugin to connect to and control Spotify Connect players on your network. This plugin was developed against Apple and Denon devices. Similar hardware should work equally well.

    Status of Implementation

    Since the first release the following features have been implemented:

    • Autodiscovery of Spotify Connect devices and Playlists
    • Pimatic devices for the above, respectively extending from AVPlayer and Presence Sensor devices
    • Rule Actions to play a playlist on a device, and set the volume.
    • The presence predicate can be used to detect if a playlist is being played


    • Creating a login device, for aesthetic purposes.


    Contributions / Credits

    The project depends on the Node integration with the Spotify API through spotify-web-api-node by Michael Thelin (


    • Add the plugin to your config.json, or via the GUI (Do not forget to activate)
    • The authentication server listens on port 8888 by default, you can change this in the Plugin Config
    • Restart Pimatic
    • Browse to http://:8888/login, to allow Pimatic to access Spotify via OAuth2. You are logging in at Spotify, so your Spotify user credentials are not saved or obtained locally
    • Run device autodiscovery and add your devices
    • Create rules to Play playlists on devices of your choice, e.g.
      • when Bathroom Light is turned on then play Songs to Sing in the Shower on Bathroom Speaker and set volume of Bathroom Speaker to 30%

    Plugin Configuration

      "plugin": "spotify",
      "debug": false,
      "clientID": "<Spotify app Client ID>",
      "secret": "<Spotify App Secret",
      "auth_port": 8888

    The plugin has the following configuration properties:

    Property Default Type Description
    debug false Boolean Debug messages to pimatic log, if set to true
    clientID none String Client ID obtained in Spotify API app
    secret none String Secret obtained in Spotify API app
    auth_port 8888 Number TCP port for the authentication server

    Device Configuration

    Default settings through autodiscovery should work fine.


      "class": "SpotifyPlayer",
      "name": "Bathroom Speaker",
      "id": "spotify-player-bathroom-speaker",
      "spotify_id": "3b859.....",
      "spotify_type": "Speaker"

    The device has the following configuration properties:

    Property Default Type Description
    spotify_id '' String Spotify device ID (Autodiscovery)
    spotify_type 'Speaker' Enum Spotify device ID (Autodiscovery)


      "class": "SpotifyPlaylist",
      "name": "Songs to Sing in the Shower",
      "id": "spotify-playlist-songs-to-sing-in-the-shower",
      "spotify_id": "37i9dQZF1DWSqmBTGDYngZ",
      "spotify_type": "playlist",
      "spotify_uri": "spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DWSqmBTGDYngZ"
    Property Default Type Description
    spotify_id '' String Spotify ID of the playlist (Autodiscovery)
    spotify_type 'playlist' String Spotify type (Always playlist for now
    spotify_uri '' String Spotify URI for Playlist (Autodiscovery)

    Predicates and Actions

    The following predicates are supported:

    • {device} is present|absent (For Playlist devices)

    The following actions are supported:

    • play on (For Player devices)
    • set volume of to 50% (For Player devices, variables are supported)


    Copyright (c) 2022, Danny Wigmans and contributors. All rights reserved.



    npm i pimatic-spotify

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