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Use Pillow.js to transform your data into HTML charts.

Please note Pillow.js is currently in alpha state.


  • jQuery 1.7+
  • Raphael Light 2.0.1
  • Less 1.6.0+

NPM package

Installing a NPM package is the preferred way to use Pillow.js.

To use Pillow.js as a CommonJS module (e.g. to use some Node.js tool, such as Browserify, to package your app), you should install the NPM module:

npm install pillow-js

You can then require individual Pillow.js charts:

PieChart = require("pillow-js/lib/pie_chart");

To use it in your application, you should instantiate a Pillow.js object:

pie = new PieChart;


All the files you need are in the build folder.

  1. Download standalone.js (or standalone.min.js) and include it in your HTML file.
  2. Optionally, download and include pillow.css and img folder for default style (recommended).


Look into demo html file.


  • Node.js 0.10+
  • Source files are located in src and less for CoffeeScript and LESS, respectively.
npm install -g gulp
npm install
npm start # or just gulp

If you want minified files just run gulp build or npm run build.