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The Portable Interaction Elements framework CLI


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npm install -g pie

Developer install

git clone 
cd pie-cli 
npm install 
npm run build
npm link 
# pie-cli executable now points to /bin/pie-cli


pie --help|-h


If you want to play with the cli while developing you can watch the src, then link the repo so you can invoke the cli

npm link
npm run dev # runs -> 'gulp dev'
# in some other dir 
pie --help


To debug typescript you'll need to generate the sourcemaps. gulp-typescript doesn't do this at the moment, so we use tsc instead.

  • run npm run source-maps
  • run node --debug-brk $(which pie) ....

Node is now running in debug mode on 5858 so boot up a debugger. Visual Studio Code has nice typescript debugging support. In VS:

  • add a breakpoint to the ts src file you want to debug.
  • press F5.
  • If you have no debug config it'll ask you to add one.
  • Add the following:
      "type": "node",
      "request": "attach",
      "name": "Attach to Process",
      "port": 5858,
      "outFiles": [
      "sourceMaps": true
  • select this runner and the app will start and hit your breakpoint.


If you are commiting a code change that is worthy of being included in the release information, write your commit message using the angular commit conventions outlined here. These commit formats will automatically be included in the release notes.


npm test

The integration tests are slower than the unit tests because of all the npm install commands. You'll probably want to run the 1 at a time like so:

mocha --require test/init test/integration/framework-support/support-module-test.js

--require test/init - inits babel and the logger.

To run them all:

npm run it 
Test Coverage
npm install -g nyc 
nyc npm test


npm run build


This creates a new github release from the develop branch:

# check the version in package.json is ok (keep the `-prerelease` label - it'll be stripped automatically), then.. 
npm run release

Special thanks to Ken Pratt @kenpratt for the pie npm package name