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    A simple tool that merges two images and return a url where the final image has been uploaded to.


    Using PicMerge is pretty simple.

    Fair warning PicMerge is written entirely in ES6. So please make sure you're transpiling your Javascript code somewhere in your build process.

    1. Install PicMerge

    Run npm install picmerge --save, or if you're cool, use yarn. yarn add picmerge

    2. Import picMerge into your nodeJS app

    const picMerge = require('picmerge');

    If the name doesn't suit your context, you may do something like...

    const kudiReferralImg = require('picmerge');

    3. Use PicMerge

    This is the fun part.

    picMerge(firstImageURL, secondImageURL)
    .then(url => {
        //do anything with the url here

    If no exceptions are thrown, the url variable would hold a string representation of the URL for the merged picture.

    4. Playing Safe

    Because shit happens, you may want to do this:

    picMerge(firstImageURL, secondImageURL)
    .then(url => {
        //do anything with the url here
    .catch(err => {
        //handle err

    This would save you from events in which an error occurs while picMerge does it's magic.

    Later, you may be able to pass in a default url to the picMerge function. So, in the event that an error occurs, picMerge would return the url for some default Image you have specified.

    Something like:

        const mergedPicsURL = picMerge(firstImageURL, secondImageURL, defaultImageURL)

    5. Example

    Here are two urls.

        const bgImg = '';
        const profilePic = '';

    Below is the Background Image:

    BG image

    And the Profile Picture:

    Profile Pics

    Update your code:

        const bgImg = '';
        const profilePic = '';
        const picMerge = require('./picMerge');
        picMerge(bgImg, profilePic)
        .then(url => {

    when the picMerge promise is fufilled, res is

    Final Image

    6. What else?

    Well, nothing else for now.


    npm i picmerge

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