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npm module to run php scripts from nodejs through cgi. This module was developed for deskshell ( to allow seamless handling of php scripts.

Given that you get a request in nodejs and have a request object (called req) and a response object (called res) this is how you would use this module:

reqdata = require("url").parse(req.url,true);
	switch(require("path").extname(reqdata.pathname)) {
	    case ".php":
			    var phpCGI = require("php-cgi");
			    phpCGI.detectBinary();//on windows get a portable php to run.
			    phpCGI.env['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] = __dirname+path.sep+'htdocs'+path.sep;
			    phpCGI.serveResponse(req, res, phpCGI.paramsForRequest(req));

So a request to /test.php would be responded to by the php-cgi module. The paramsForRequest function reads the request object and sets the correct cgi environmental variables for the request. This is provided as a separate function so it is possible to add in additional request variables as needed. The detectBinary function on windows looks for an additional node module "php-bin-win32" that provides a portable php binary.

This code works for deskshell, contact me if you want to use it for some other purpose and need additional features / support.