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    JavaScript library for the Photon image manipulation service.


    Photon.js requires support for the standard URL and URLSearchParams APIs. Be sure to use a polyfill if you're targetting environments without support for them. This includes old browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11, and old versions of Node.js (5 or older).

    How to use

    Install via npm:

    yarn add photon

    Import the photon method into your module.

    For CommonJS:

    const photon = require( 'photon' );

    For ES Modules:

    import photon from 'photon';

    Then use the imported method to generate Photon URLs:

    const url = photon( '' );
    console.log( url );

    Terms of Service

    • Use of this service is for users of the Jetpack by plugin only, and may be used by sites hosted on, or on Jetpack-connected WordPress sites. If you move to another platform, or disconnect Jetpack from your site, we can't promise it will continue to work.
    • Abuse of the Jetpack by Terms of Service could result in suspension of your site from services. By enabling Photon you agree to be responsible in what you publish; in particular be sure that you don't use the service for prohibited items (things like spam, viruses, or hate content). reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to temporarily or permanently revoke your ability to use and access Photon, with or without notice.


    GPL-2.0-or-later – Copyright 2014-2019 Automattic


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