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Phone Number Local Time

Get the local time of given phone number

How to Use

Install phone number local time dependency in your existing project by executing below command.

$ npm i phonenumber-now

then include in your required file by below command

var phoneNumberNow = require("phonenumber-now"); 
const details = phoneNumberNow("+12126712234");
// You can provide with space
const details = phoneNumberNow("+1 2126712234");
// You can provide with space
const details = phoneNumberNow("+1-2126712234");
// You can provide with hypen
const details = phoneNumberNow("+1-2126712234");
//You can provide with brackets
const details = phoneNumberNow("+1 (212) 6712234");

You will get array of object like below,

    country: 'United States',
    ISO2: 'US',
    ISO3: 'USA',
    topLevelDomain: 'us',
    FIPS: 'US',
    E164: 1,
    phoneCode: 1,
    continent: 'North America',
    capital: 'Washington',
    tzInCapital: 'America/New_York',
    currency: 'Dollar',
    languageCodes: 'en-US,es-US,haw,fr',
    code: 200,
    msg: 'OK',
    moment: Moment<2020-05-31T06:43:45-04:00>,
    timeDiff: 570,
    updated: true

Things to note

  • If given phone number is invalid, will return []
  • If given mobile number belongs to two or more countries, then all of them will be retrived in an array of objects

Return value description

Dillinger is currently extended with the following plugins. Instructions on how to use them in your own application are linked below.

Key Value
code status code 200 - success, 404 - some details missing
msg message
moment moment object will be returned to use further
timeDiff contains time difference between client local time zoneand phone number time zone
country Phone number belongs to the country
ISO2 ISO2 format of country eg 'US'
ISO3 ISO3 format of country eg 'USA'
E164, phoneCode country code eg '1'
continent continent of the country
capital captital of the country
tzInCapital Time zone of the captial
currency currency used in the country
languageCodes language used in the country



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