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A client interface for the Phonegap Build API using nodejs


  npm install phonegapbuildapi

Or from source:

  git clone git:// 
  cd phonegapbuildapi
  npm link


Phonegap Build API is a client interface for the Phonegap Build API (Duh!). Given that the API interacts using JSON-formatted strings, Javascript seems like the logical choice to process its input and output.

A commandline interface that partially implements the API has been provided.

   node interface.js

The interface allows you to interact with the API, but it is mainly provided to serve as an example on how to use the tool. You are encouraged to implement your own driver that fits your needs.


Simple Example

Here's an example on how to display the user data on standard output:

   var api = require('phonegapbuildapi');

   api.createAuthToken("", function(token){
      api.getUserData(token, function(userData){
         console.log(userData); //Output user data to stdout

Error Handling

Error handling is supported through callbacks. The above example can be expanded to handle any errors found.

   var api = require('phonegapbuildapi');

   api.createAuthToken("", {

         api.getUserData(token, {
               console.log(userData); //Output user data to stdout
            error: function(errMsg){
               console.log("Error retrieving user data. Err: " + errMsg);
      error: function(errmsg){
         console.log("Error creating authentication token. Err: " + errmsg);