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    phoenix-js-derp: a temporary phoenix.js for npm

    Elixir, Phoenix ... what could be better? Start it up, and with a few lines of backend and frontend code, you're using Channels.

    Now, sure, some of us are using a different setup than the default Phoenix frontend, which is Brunch. And one thing that would be great is if we could easily use the phoenix.js file as an NPM module, since NPM is the most successful package manager out there and lots of us package our js that way.

    That'll be coming! But there are a lot of other priorities for Phoenix right now, because its future is So Bright. And a conf is coming up, and so forth.

    So this is a little module that just does one thing: it lets you require phoenix.js, almost as if the future has already happened.

    npm install --save phoenix-js-derp

    And then enjoy your tasty Phoenix! Useful if you're using Browserify, etc.

        Phoenix = require('phoenix-js-derp');
        chan = ...

    Once Phoenix.js has its own npm package, rename it in those two places.


    This thing has a little script that downloads, and then babelifies a phoenix.js file from github based on a git tag.

    ... why?

    Just a whim. I was a teensy bit bummed out that I was managing dependencies via vendored js files. Plus, updating it with the latest is basically just running gulp; npm publish




    npm i phoenix-js-derp

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