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Automate running your PHP QA toolset!


# npm 
$ npm i phly-php-qa-watch -g
# yarn 
$ yarn global add phly-php-qa-watch


At its most basic, execute the watcher:

$ php-qa-watch

By default, the script, runs composer check when any of the following change:

  • phpunit.xml.dist
  • phpcs.xml
  • any PHP files under src/
  • any PHP files under test/

You can alter the behavior via the following flags:

  • -d|--no-notifications will disable system notifications when failures occur
  • -w|--watch-files allows you to provide a comma separated list of files/glob patterns to watch
  • -c|--check-command allows you to specify an alternate command to run in order to perform checks; defaults to "composer check"

Using either -h or --help will provide the usage message as well.

Using alternate checkers

To use an alternate tool or pipeline for checking your project, use the -c or --check-command flags to provide one. As an example, perhaps you want to combine several composer scripts, without writing an aggregate:

$ php-qa-watch -c "composer cs-lint && composer unit-test && composer mess-detector"

Alternately, perhaps you don't have composer scripts defined; you can just specify an &&'d set of commands in that case:

$ php-qa-watch -c "./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --dry-run -v --diff && phpunit --colors=always"

Specifying different files to watch

The -w or --watch-files flags allow you to specify a comma-separated list of files, directories, or glob patterns detailing what files to watch for changes.

Let's combine this with the above example:

$ php-qa-watch \
> -c "./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --dry-run -v --diff && phpunit --colors=always" \
> -w ".php_cs,phpunit.xml,phpunit.xml.dist,src/**/*.php,test/**/*.php"

The above adds ensures that the .php_cs and phpunit.xml files are watched, but not the phpcs.xml (which is in the default set).

Disabling notifications

By default, php-qa-watch will provide a system notification when the specified checker fails. This is done to allow you to run the watcher in a hidden terminal, and only raise it when you see a notification of a break.

If you do not want the notification, disable it with the -d or --no-notifications flag.


npm i phly-php-qa-watch

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