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A Node.js module for getting latitude and longitude coordinates for a Philadelphia addresses.

phl-geocode is based on the geolocation component of Mark Headd's phlfindpolls gist.

The module uses Philadelphia's 311 Mobile Data Service API.

Getting Started

Install phl-geocode:

npm install phl-geocode

Require and instantiate phl-geocode:

var phlGeocode = require('phl-geocode')();

Default settings:

  geoHost: '',
  locationPath: '/ULRS311/Data/Location/',
  minConfidence: 85
  responseBody: ''

Overriding default settings on instantiation:

var phlGeocode = require('phl-geocode')({
  minConfidence: 100

Example Usage

Get latitude and longitude coordinates for a Philadelpia address:

phlGeocode.getCoordinates('1500 market street', function (err, data) {

  /* Example response:
  [ { address: '1500 MARKET ST',
    similarity: 100,
    latitude: 39.9521740263203,
    longitude: -75.1661518986459 },
  { address: '1500S MARKET ST',
    similarity: 99,
    latitude: 39.9521740263203,
    longitude: -75.1661518986459 } ]