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    Phaser 3 TypeScript Project Template

    This quick-start project template combines Phaser 3 with TypeScript and uses Rollup for bundling.


    Node.js is required to install dependencies and run scripts via npm.

    Available Commands

    Command Description
    npm install Install project dependencies
    npm run watch Build project and open web server running project, watching for changes
    npm run dev Builds project and open web server, but do not watch for changes
    npm run build Builds code bundle with production settings (minification, no source maps, etc..)

    Writing Code

    After cloning the repo, run npm install from your project directory. Then, you can start the local development server by running npm run watch. The first time you run this you should see the following demo run:


    After starting the development server with npm run watch, you can edit any files in the src folder and Rollup will automatically recompile and reload your server (available at http://localhost:10001 by default).

    Configuring Rollup

    • Edit the file to edit the development build.
    • Edit the file rollup.config.dist.js to edit the distribution build.

    You will find lots of comments inside the rollup config files to help you do this.

    Note that due to the build process involved, it can take around 20 seconds to build the initial bundle. Times will vary based on CPU and local drive speeds. The development config does not minify the code in order to save build time, but it does generate source maps. If you do not require these, disable them in the config to speed it up further.




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