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a headless game server class to be extended by one's own game server code


npm install phaser-game-server phaser-game-server-engine --save


to use the phaser-game-server-engine you will need to create a new npm project and define a startup scene (extending from Phaser.Scene) that will run your game like follows:

import * as Phaser from "phaser";
import { Server, Socket } from "";

declare const io: Server;

export class ExampleScene extends Phaser.Scene {
    preload(): void {
        // load all required sprites
        this.load.image('bomb', `assets/bomb_circle.png`);

    create(): void {
        io.on('connection', (socket: Socket) => {
            console.debug(`player: ${} connected`);
            socket.on('disconnect', () => {
                console.debug(`player: ${} disconnected`);
            // add additional socket message handling here

    update(time: number, delta: number): void {
        // handle game updates and send messages to client(s)

then you must create a class that extends the GameServerEngine class passing in your startup scene like follows:

import { GameServerEngine } from "phaser-game-server-engine";
import { ExampleScene } from "./scenes/example-scene";

export class ExampleGameEngine extends GameServerEngine {
    constructor() {
         * NOTE: you can also define an inline
         * scene here instead of in a separate
         * file
            scene: [ExampleScene],
            physics: {
                default: 'arcade',
                arcade: {
                    debug: false,
                    gravity: { x: 0, y: 0 },

export module ExampleGameEngine {
    export const game = new ExampleGameEngine().game;

NOTE: the object passed to the super call above can contain any valid property from Phaser.Types.Core.GameConfig except: type, scale, autoFocus, width, or height.

after the above you should bundle your code (see included webpack.config.cjs in the usage-example project) and create a server.config.json file containing your bundled script references (see included example in usage-example project).

to start the server use the following command:

> npx phaser-game-server -s

or to start as a background task:

> npx phaser-game-server -s -b

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