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Simple wrapper for a child phantomjs instance. Most of the page API/events are exposed in a transparent way

Simple API for spawning/controlling phantomjs from node.js

npm install phantomjs-wrapper

This package provides a simple wrapper around the phantomjs binary(installed automatically with the package). All it does is forward messages to/from a child phantomjs process using a simple json protocol via stdio and phantomjs builtin web server.

Here is a list of supported method and events.

Simple example that may be pasted into node.js REPL:

phantomjsWrapper = require('phantomjs-wrapper');
phantomjsWrapper({timeout: 60000}, function(err, phantomjs) {
  phantomjs.createPage(function(err, page) {'', function(err) {
      page.on('alert', function(msg) {
        console.log('Alert:', msg);
      page.once('loadFinished', function() {
        page.render('google-reloaded.png', function() {
          page.close(function() {
            phantomjs.close(function() {
      page.evaluateJavaScript('(function() { alert("hello!"); })');
      page.includeJs('', function() {
        page.evaluateJavaScript('(function() { $("a").remove(); })');
        page.render('google-no-anchors.png', function() {

Read phantomJS documentation for more info.