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Generate models, controllers and routes automatically for a CRUD using the Play Framework on Java.

It is based on the same idea of the rails generator.


  • Application using Play Framework Built
  • Your packages / folder structure must be:
    • app/models
    • app/controllers
    • conf/routes

How to use:

  • Install the nodeJS
  • Open the command line and type: npm install -g pgen
  • On command line, go to the root folder of your project in Play:
$ c:\project\playproject>
  • Use the command pgen g to generate the files:
$ c:\project\playproject> pgen g Car name:String price:BigDecimal

It will be generated 2 classes:

  • app/models/ - model class with Ebean annotations
  • app/controllers/ - controller class that has methods in the REST pattern: all, save, list, update, delete

It will also change the conf/routes file to add all REST routes to the controller.


 pgen -help:

 -h, --help output usage information
 -V, --version Output the version number
 g, --generator <ModelName> <values> Generate Model, Controller and add to routes. in package app.model app.controller and conf / routes. ModelName shoud be the class name in camel case like: Car, User.
 d, --destroy <ModelName> Remove Class Model and Controller