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    pgbuild contains a library named PhoneGapBuild that lets you manage your phonegap builds at without using the website. It also contains a executable called pgbuild that makes you of the PhoneGapBuild library to provide a command line interface.


    PhoneGapBuild uses the PhoneGap Build API. It can create, update and delete git based and file based applications. It can also create and delete Android and iOS keys for code signing (other platforms are not supported).


    You need to manually create a account through the website. pgbuild will prompt you for the username and password on first usage. This information is cached in plain text at $HOME/.pgbuild. Future usages will automatically pick up the username and password from this file.

    The output of pgbuild help is below:

    Usage: node pgbuild.js [cmd] [cmd options]
    Manage apps and download builds from
    cmd is one of the following:
    App management
        create <gitrepo>|<file> - creates an app
        delete <appid> - deletes app with id appid
        download <appid> [platform] - download existing build
        help - shows this help
        rebuild appid [platforms] - rebuild for specified platforms
        list - list existing apps
        buildstatus <appid> - display build status of app
        update <appid> <gitrepo>|<file>- update existing app. gitrepo requires manual 'rebuild'.
    Key management
        createkey android <title> <keystorefile> <keystore pass> <alias> <key pass> - create key
        createkey ios <title> <p12 certificate> <mobileprovision> <cert pass>
        deletekey <platform> <id> - delete key
        listkeys - list all keys
        setkey <appid> <platform> <keyid> - set key for an app

    Sample session

    Creating an app based on a git repo.

    $ pgbuild create git://
    Created app with id 238137

    Listing existing apps

    $ pgbuild list
    id: 238137 Flying Things 1.0.0
    repo: git://
    build status:
        complete: symbian, android, webos, winphone
        errored: ios
        pending: blackberry

    Downloading a build for an app

    $ pgbuild download 238137 android
    Downloading to

    Update the app from file contents

    $ pgbuild update 238137 ~/

    Download the android build

    $ pgbuild download 238137 android
    Downloading to

    Remove the app

    $ pgbuild remove 238137


    Read lib/phonegapbuild.js to see the API.


    Install using npm install pgbuild. It doesn't have any other dependencies. It is known to work on Mac, Windows and Linux.

    Proxy support

    PhoneGapBuild has no built-in support for working with proxies. Currently, the best way to make pgbuild work with proxies (HTTP CONNECT or SOCKS) is to use something like proxychains.




    npm i pgbuild

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