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Plex Media Server HTTP API Client

This library makes it easier to use the Plex Media Server HTTP API.

This library was written to be used to create fully featured PMS clients, which would allow users to login with a Plex account and select an available server.

It also provides quite a few helper methods in the Library class so you don't have to manually construct the API paths yourself.

Note: This library only support music libraries at the moment, but there is no reason it couldn't support other library types as well.


First add the library to your project

$ yarn add perplexed

Then create a new client instance. This describes the client that is making the request. You can find more about these options on the node-plex-api README.

const {Client} = require('perplexed')
const client = new Client({
  identifier: 'f5941591-ef73-45e1-99c0-8f3a56941617',
  product: 'Node.js App',
  version: '1.0.0',
  device: 'linux',
  deviceName: 'Node.js App',
  platform: 'Node.js',
  platformVersion: '7.2.0',

Now you can create an account instance.

const {Account} = require('perplexed')
const account = new Account(client)
account.authenticate(username, password).then(() => {
  // we now have an auth token

Now you can create an server connection.

const {ServerConnection} = require('perplexed')
const uri = ''
const serverConnection = new ServerConnection(uri, account)

Now use this connection to create a Library, which allows you to do awesome stuff.

const {Library} = require('perplexed')
const library = new Library(serverConnection)
// like get all the playlists in a library
library.playlists().then((playlists) => {
  // do something with playlists