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embed Perl5 to node.js

Synchronous but useful embedded Perl for node.js

This module is still working, but @tokuhirom don't want to maintain this module. MAINTAINER needed! Please contact me at github issues.

var Perl = require('perl').Perl;
var perl = new Perl();
var ret = perl.evaluate("reverse 'yappo'");
console.log(ret); // => oppay

var Perl = require('../index.js').Perl;
var perl = new Perl();
var ua = perl.getClass('LWP::UserAgent').new();
var res = ua.get('');

Create new instance of Perl.

evaluate the perl code and get a return value.

Get a class object(Instance of PerlClass) from perl.

Same as Scalar::Util::blessed.

Get a PerlMethod object.

Get a PerlMethod object.

You can get a instance of this class by Perl#getClass.

Get a PerlMethod object.

Call perl5 function and get a return value in scalar context. You get a exception when Perl5 throws exception.

Same as above, but callList calls function in list context.

node-perl requires a perl5 binary built with -fPIC and -Duseshrplib. Normally, linux distribution's system perl is usable.

You can build a perl binary for node-perl with perlbrew command.

$ PERLBREW_CONFIGURE_FLAGS=-de perlbrew install perl-5.16.1 -Duseshrplib -Duseithreads -Dusethreads -Accflags='-fPIC' -nv
$ perlbrew use perl-5.16.1

If you got a error while loading libperl.dylib, please set a DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to perl5 library path.

  • The calls to Perl are synchronous ones.

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