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Perfrunner Build Status

Perfrunner - performance testing tool for websites and web applications. Tracks your application performance with Performance Events and visualize the progress. Supports various predefined network conditions, CPU throttling, cache. Supports different output - HTML, CSV, JSON. Uses multiple reruns for better precision.


  • First Contentful Paint
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Layout duration time
  • Script duration time
  • Resources size (js, css, img, fonts)
  • And much more!


npx perfrunner drag13.io


It's just an example, please don't consider to take framework depending on this chart :)


To save it into your project:

npm i perfrunner -D

For one-time usage:

npx perfrunner https://drag13.io

Default options

  • Network:original/ fast3g
  • Cache: false
  • Runs: 3
  • Reporter: html
  • Throttling: 2

All options

Command Alias Description Default value IsRequired
Run tests using perfrunner.json config file Optional
--cache -C Using browser cahce. Mutliple values supported. <true/false> false Optional
--chrome-args - Additional arguments to pass to the browser instance. Should be passed using camelCase style like: "noSandbox" undefined Optional
--comment - Provide additional information about test. May be used from reporter undefined Optional
--executable-path -E Sets path to the Chrome instance undefined Optional
--ignore-default-args - Ignore defaultArgs for launching Chromium false Optional
--init - Creates perfrunner.json config file, requires URL as a parameter undefined Optional
--log-level - Setup log level: <verbose> undefined Optional
--network - Setup network contions. Multiple values supported. <online/regular4g/fast3g/hspa/slow3g> online,fast3g Optional
--no-headless - Disables headless mode false Optional
--purge - Remove old data before the test run false Optional
--reporter - Specify reporter html Optional
--report-only - Skips profiling session and only generates report false Optional
--runs -R Number of runs you want to be performed 3 Optional
--test-name - Name of the test run. Will be used to name testRun folder and grouping results undefined Optional
--throttling -T CPU slowdown multiplier 2 Optional
--timeout - Set timeout for the single test run in miliseconds 90_000 Optional
--url - Url to profile This field is required Required
--wait-for -W Specify selector or time in miliseconds to wait undefined Optional


Supported reporters:

  • HTML - renders basic metrics into HTML (FCP, LCP, DCL, Size, etc)
  • MD - generates simple markdown report with First Contentful Paint and Largest Contentful Paint, DOM Interactive and some other metrics
  • JSON - saves all data to json
  • CSV - saves all data to csv
  • custom - you can specify your own custom reporter

To switch between reporters, use --reporter flag:

npx drag13.io --reporter json


Generates output as an HTML file. Includes:

  • Performance events Chart (DOM Content Loaded, First Paint, First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint, DOM Interactive)
  • Default Performance Metrics Chart - Layout Duration, Recalculation Style Duration, Script Duration, Task duration
  • Resource Size Chart (JS, CSS ,IMG, Fonts, XHR)
  • Performance Marks Chart - shows performance marks from application


This is default reporter so you don't need to name it

npx perfrunner drag13.io


Generate simple markdown report, that includes:

  • Performance events - First Contentful Paint and Largest Contentful Paint
  • Performance metrics DOM Interactive, Script Duration, Layout Duration, Recalculate Style metrics.


npx perfrunner drag13.io --reporter md


Generates output as JSON file


npx perfrunner drag13.io --reporter json


Generates output as CSV file


npx perfrunner drag13.io --reporter csv


You also can use your own custom reporter

npx perfrunner https://drag13.io --reporter my-custom-reporter.js

where reporter should looks like:

module.exports = (outputFolder, data, args) => console.log(outputFolder, JSON.stringify(data), args);


Internally, perfrunner uses puppeteer, so please check this page for troubleshooting. Perfrunner supports passing chromeArgs and ignoreDefaults flags for better control from your side:

npx perfrunner https://drag13.io --ignore-default-args --chrome-args noSandbox

You also can use Perfrunner without headless mode

npx perfrunner https://drag13.io --no-headless

If nothing helps, try to use --executable-path option

npx perfrunner https://drag13.io -E "Path\To\chrome.exe"

What next

For the next updates, please check the project. It's not very well described but might give you an idea of what is planned.


npm i perfrunner

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