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Streaming torrent client for Node.js

npm install -g peerflix


Peerflix is an experimental streaming video client using bittorrent through torrent-stream.

It is not under active development, so instead check out webtorrent by @feross.


To try out peerflix start it with a magnet link or torrent file

peerflix magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ef330b39f4801d25b4245212e75a38634bfc856e --vlc

peerflix will print a terminal interface. this first line contains a address to a http server. Using --vlc will open the file in vlc when it's ready to stream.


Simply open this address in vlc or similar to start viewing the file. If the torrent contains multiple files peerflix will choose the biggest one.

To get a full list of available options run

peerflix --help

Programmatic usage

If you want to build your own app using streaming bittorent in Node you should checkout torrent-stream