Filesystem Module for pe-epub


Extends pe-epub so you can import local assets from your filesystem rather than from the web

<img src="file:///path/to/image.jpg" />

Import local HTML files for the body of a page

    "title" : "The Peoples E-Book",
    "cover" : "file:///path/to/local/image.jpg",
    "pages" : [{
        "title" : "My Local Page",
        "body" : "file:///path/to/local/page.html"
npm install pe-pub pe-epub-fs
var Peepub   = require('pe-epub-fs')(require('pe-epub'));
var epubJson = require('your-epub.json'); // see examples/example.json for the specs
var myPeepub = new Peepub(epubJson);

        console.log(filePath); // the same path to your epub file!
npm install -g jasmine-node
jasmine-node spec