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pdftohtmljs - pdf2htmlEx shell wrapper for Node.js

Build Status pdftohtmljs provides access to pdf2htmlEX via shell in node.js programs. Current version uses ShellJS for platform independent execution of shell commands.


via npm:

npm install pdftohtmljs


var pdftohtml = require('pdftohtmljs');
var converter = new pdftohtml('test/pdfs/sample.pdf', "sample.html");
// See presets (ipad, default) 
// Feel free to create custom presets 
// see 
// convert() returns promise 
converter.convert('ipad').then(function() {
}).catch(function(err) {
  console.error("Conversion error: " + err);
// If you would like to tap into progress then create 
// progress handler 
converter.progress(function(ret) {
  console.log ((ret.current*100.0)/ + " %");

Command line usage

npm install pdftohtmljs -g
pdftohtmljs sample.pdf

You may optionally provide your own filename and preset

pdftohtmljs sample.pdf sample.html ipad


$ npm test

Coverage (Make sure you have installed jscoverage (it's easy sudo aptitude install jscoverage or brew jscoverage)

$ npm test-cov