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pdf4me api client - the Node.js package for the Pdf4me Saas API

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The Pdf4me Client API is a Node.js package which connects to its highly scalable SaaS cloud service with many functionalities to solve your document and PDF requirements. The SaaS API provides expert functionality to convert, optimize, compress, produce, merge, split, ocr, enrich, archive, print documents and PDF's.

Feature Description
Optimize PDF's can often be optimized by removing structural redundancy. This leads to much smaller PDF's.
Merge Multiple PDF's can be merged into single optimized PDFs.
Split A PDF can be splitted into multiple PDF's.
Extract From a PDF extract multiple pages into a new document.
OCR Create a searchable OCR Document out of your scans or images.
Images Extract images from your document, can be any type of document.
Create Pdf/A Create a archive conform PDF/A including xmp Metadata.
Convert to PDF Convert your documents from any format to a proper PDF document.
Stamp Stamp your document with text or images.
Rotate Rotates pages in your document.
Protect Protects or Unlocks your document with given password.
Validation Validate your document for PDF/A compliance.
Repair Repairs your document.
Barcode Reads all types of barcode embedded in document or creates them

Getting Started

Get API key

To use pdf4me, you need a Api Key. You can get a free Api Key from our developer portal.


npm install pdf4me-js

Basic Usage

// create pdf4meClient
const pdf4meClient = pdf4me.createClient('YOUR API KEY')

const pdfDocument = await pdf4meClient.convertFileToPdf(

  path.join(__dirname, 'myPdfDocument.pdf'),


Please visit our documentation for more information about all the functionalities provided and on how to use pdf4me.

PDF4me Consumer

Those who are looking for PDF4me online tool can find it at PDF4me.com


npm i pdf4me-js

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