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    pcrypto — simple in-browser text encryption

    • just two async functions, encrypt and decrypt, which operate on text strings
    • in-browser only (leverages the web crypto api)
    • npm module, umd format, es5
    • written in typescript
    • aes-gcm encryption with a 128 byte IV prefix

    pre-release warning: pcrypto is in development and is not recommended for production use. the encrypt/decrpyt implementations may be subject to change between releases. ciphertext encrypted in one version of pcrypto may not be decryptable in another version

    issues and pull requests wanted: please help improve pcrypto by reviewing its code and contributing by opening issues or pull requests :)

    install pcrypto into your javascript web app

    1. install pcrypto into your npm project

      npm install --save pcrypto

    2. import pcrypto into your modern typescript or es6 code

      import {encrypt, decrypt} from "pcrypto"
    3. use browserify on your code so that node_modules like pcrypto are included in your bundle

      (or use requirejs and set up some path mappings to include your node_modules)

    example usage: encryption

    import {encrypt} from "pcrypto"
    const password = "doggos"
    const plaintext = "Italian Greyhounds — السلوقي الإيطالي"
    encrypt({password, plaintext})
        .then(ciphertext => console.log(`ciphertext: ${ciphertext}`))
            //» "FD084D07..."

    example usage: decryption

    import {decrypt} from "pcrypto"
    const password = "doggos",
    const ciphertext = "FD084D07F6745BE726A78D2D9691D94017A211CFB9694CE03B0"
        + "28A0A29D8C820F48AFACF3775DFC53350156FF6C724368A3216072DD38EA703559"
        + "E16E2887C181892DC02F8BFFE2CF87DB7B1E8895B217DAAE61C586C2314A6A0123"
        + "7E6AB95E09A8D333BC375EE69622359F0ECF176F71109B72FA36CD623299BB3C99"
        + "D411F969F2AF7021DA2183E148A75165DDBBCE0EA79A9E8A4157BE8AB5985B15E4"
        + "BB62FDACA8B9C9A199E3780E74081A83C69641F0F9597B9AA3C7F4A41299C8F7C5"
        + "41D6DE17E9B2A59"
    decrypt({password, ciphertext})
        .then(plaintext => console.log(`plaintext: ${plaintext}`))
            //» "Italian Greyhounds — السلوقي الإيطالي"

    alternatively, install pcrypto the old-fashioned way

    • use npm to install pcrypto somewhere

    • grab node_modules/pcrypto/build/pcrypto.global.bundle.js and put it by your HTML file

    • put a script tag in your HTML:

      <script src="pcrypto.global.bundle.js"></script>
    • use pcrypto as you will

          pcrypto.encrypt({password: "doggos", plaintext: "Italian Greyhounds"})
              .then(ciphertext => console.log(`ciphertext: ${ciphertext}`))

    future considerations

    in the future, pcrypto might be extended or refactored to include the ability to encrypt/decrpyt files and binary blobs.




    npm i pcrypto

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