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    Pattern Lab Node Core

    This repository contains the core functionality for Pattern Lab Node. Pattern Lab helps you and your team build thoughtful, pattern-driven user interfaces using atomic design principles.

    Online Demo of Pattern Lab Output

    Support for Pattern Lab Node

    Pattern Lab Node wouldn't be what it is today without the support of the community. It will always be free and open source. Continued development is made possible in part from the support of these wonderful project supporters. If you want to learn more about supporting the project, visit the Pattern Lab Node Patreon page.

    💯 Thanks for support from the following:


    Pattern Lab Node Core is designed to be consumed, and by default is included as a dependency within two example Node Editions.

    Pattern Lab Ecosystem

    Core, and Editions, are part of the Pattern Lab Ecosystem. With this architecture, we encourage people to write and maintain their own editions.


    const config = require('./patternlab-config.json');
    const patternlab = require('patternlab-node')(config);
    patternlab.build(doneCallBack, boolCleanOutputDir);

    Development Installation / Workflow

    If you are interested in contributing to Pattern Lab, it's suggested to install an Edition of your choice and then run a local copy of this repository via npm link.

    mkdir /patternlab-node
    cd /patternlab-node
    git clone https://github.com/pattern-lab/patternlab-node.git
    npm install
    npm link
    cd location/of/edition
    npm link patternlab-node

    The above is a bit verbose, but illustrates:

    1. how to clone this repository to an arbitrary location
    2. install all dependencies (run npm install --dev if your NODE_ENV is production for some reason)
    3. setup the npm link to your local copy
    4. use the local copy of patternlab-node in your edition

    Make sure to change to whichever branch you intend to hack on or test within your cloned repository, such as dev or bugfix/fixes-broken-unittest


    If you find yourself here and are looking to upgrade, check out how to upgrade from version to version of Pattern Lab Node here: https://github.com/pattern-lab/patternlab-node/wiki/Upgrading

    View the ChangeLog for the latest Pattern Lab Node updates.


    If you'd like to contribute to Pattern Lab Node, please do so! There is always a lot of ground to cover and something for your wheelhouse.

    Please read the guidelines: https://github.com/pattern-lab/patternlab-node/blob/master/.github/CONTRIBUTING.md

    Core Team


    The Pattern Lab Node team uses our gitter.im channel, pattern-lab/node to keep in sync, share updates, and talk shop. Please stop by to say hello or as a first place to turn if stuck. Other channels in the Pattern Lab organization can be found on gitter too.

    There is also a dedicated Pattern Lab channel on the design system slack run by @jina.

    Ask or answer Pattern Lab questions on Stack Overflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/patternlab.io




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