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It's a simple wrapper of original path-to-regexp module.


const path = require('path-to-regexp-wrap')();    // options object could be passed as well 
const route = '/get/:id';
const match = path(route);

const params = match('/get/1');
// returns {'id': '1'}


  • options.sensitive Defaults to false, set this to true to make routes case sensitive

  • options.strict Defaults to false, set this to true to make the trailing slash matter.

  • options.end Defaults to true, set this to false to only match the prefix of the URL.

  • Advanced options (use for non-pathname strings, e.g. host names):

    • delimiter The default delimiter for segments. (default: '/')
    • endsWith Optional character, or list of characters, to treat as "end" characters.
    • delimiters List of characters to consider delimiters when parsing. (default: './')