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Pasty - The Clipboard Editor

Edit the text directly on your clipboard (paste bin/whatever) with some built in functions.


npm install pasty-clipboard-editor


pasty-clipboard-editor will install a global command pasty to your bin which will be accessible via the command prompt (or run box if you're on Windows). You have some text on your clipboard, and you can call one of the built in functions, or one of your own saved functions and your text is updated.

Built-in commands are:

Command Description
rep replaces with a regular expression
cap capitalizes or lower cases
columnAlign Aligns delimited data by column
count counts characters or lines
dedup Deduplicates a list
urlencode encode/decode a url/xml/base64
grep you know, GREP...
help gets help on functions
insert converts a delimited text to SQL insert statement
newid generates a new UUID
rep replaces with a RegExp
setText sets the content to the passed in string
sort Sorts a list
xml Pretty prints xml inside the string

You can also define your own functions comprised of a set of the above list in a local ~/pasty.json file. An example file is given in the repository.

Pasty will also work via a shell pipe, so echo "test" | pasty rep s x will output text. This is very useful in text editors that work with stdio like VIM.

Pasty in action

Pasty will work on your clipboard, so its macros work for any text editor.

Pasty running in xed

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