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deviantART oAuth strategy for Passport.

deviantART Passport Strategy

It currently passes back passport's universal id, username, and avatar values.

symbol has been deprecated in v0.0.4.

npm install passport-deviantart

Use the following example implementation to get started with deviantART's passport strategy library:

var passport = require('passport'),
  deviantART = require('passport-deviantart').Strategy
passport.use('deviantart', new deviantART({
    clientSecret: 'YOUR_APPLICATION_SECRET',
    callbackURL: 'YOUR_CALLBACK_URL'
  function(token, tokenSecret, profile, done){
    User.findOrCreate(..., function(err, user) {
      done(err, user);

Two routes are required for the deviantART passport strategy

* This first route redirects the user to the service provider. 
app.get('/auth/provider/deviantart', passport.authenticate('deviantart'));
* This next route is used for the callback from the provider
* If the authentication was a sucess then reditect the user
* If it has failed bring them to the login page
  passport.authenticate('provider', { successRedirect: '/',
                                      failureRedirect: '/login' }));

A simple example link to use this provider

<a href="/auth/provider/deviantart">Log In with deviantART!</a>