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Passcode Validator 🔐

Validate passwords and numeric codes easily using Typescript or Javascript.


For now, you can only install it using npm

npm install passcode-validator

How to use it

Create an instance from Validator class and set as many rules as you need to validate the password or PIN.

const validator = new Validator()

To validate the password or PIN call validate. The function will return you an object with the rules and the isValid boolean which tells you if the password is valid.

const { rules, isValid } = validator.validate('PassWord*');

To check what rules are completed or uncompleted call isCompleted() on every rule.

const uncompletedRules = => !rule.isCompleted());

Available rules

Rule Description
UpperCase Requires at least an uppercase character.
No UpperCase Forbids uppercase characters.
LowerCase Requires at least a lowercase character.
No LowerCase Forbids lowercase characters.
Length Requires a specific length or range.
PIN Requires a PIN with only digits.
Digit Requires 1 or more digits.
No Digit Forbids digits.
Special Character Requires at least a special character.
No Special Character Forbids special characters.
Max Repeated in row Validates the maximum number of times any character can appear in the password consecutively.
Forbidden text Forbids a text or some texts to appear in the password or PIN.

👁 More rules will be added in the near future. Open a ticket if you miss something in particular.

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