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Minimal library for parsing and printing node stacktrace. Mostly for use in express-error-with-sources.


npm install --save parsetrace


var parsetrace = require('parsetrace');
try {
    throw new Error('My cool error');
} catch (e) {
    console.log(parsetrace(e, { sources: true }).json());


parsetrace(error, [options], [callback])

Parses stack trace from Error, string or object, that have .stack and .message property.

If callback is passed - all source code fetching will be async and error will be passed to it (even if strict is true).

parsetrace(err, function(error, trace) {


  • sources - fetch source code from files, that are mentioned in stacktrace. If file can not be found or readed - sources will be fetched silently (unless you enabled strict option) (default: false)
  • strict - throws errors, while parsing stacktrace and fetching source code (default: false)
  • contextSize - number of lines before and after the error line (default: 3)

Returns Object with methods described below:


    "error": "My cool error",
    "frames": [
            "line": 4,
            "column": 11,
            "function": "Object.<anonymous>",
            "file": "/full/path/to/file.js",
            "source": {
                "2": { "code": "" },
                "3": { "code": "try {" },
                "4": { "code": "    throw new Error('My cool error');" },
                "5": { "code": "} catch (e) {" },
                "6": { "code": "    console.log(parsetrace(e).json());" }

Returns stacktrace as Json string


Format of object you can see in json() section.

Returns stacktrace as Object



  • excludeSources - if stacktrace was parsed with sources, this will exclude them from output (default: false)

Returns stacktrace as NodeJS formatted stacktracke string.