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A simple module and CLI for parsing tabular data in an excel worksheet.

The parser assumes that the first line of your table contains column headers:

sample file


npm install -g parse-xl
npm run test
npm run demo
npm run cli-demo

The CLI (bin/parse-xl.js) takes an excel file as input and generates newline-delimited JSON as output:

parse-xl --sheet=Transcript sample.xlsx

This outputs ...

{ "_ID": "22", "ROW": "1", "LRB": "L",     "XYZ": "x" }
{ "_ID": "22", "ROW": "2", "LRB": "L+L",   "XYZ": "y" }
{ "_ID": "22", "ROW": "3", "LRB": "L+ ",   "XYZ": "z" }
{ "_ID": "22", "ROW": "4", "LRB": "L+R+B", "XYZ": "q" }
{ "_ID": "22", "ROW": "5", "LRB": "L+R+X", "XYZ": "b" }

The module can be used to get particular column values or to stream records:

var Parser = require('parse-xl'),
    sample = new Parser('sample.xlsx');
// get values in a column 
  '\nValues in column `XYZ` of `Transcript`:', 
  sample.values('Transcript', 'XYZ'), 
// stream parsed records as line-delimited JSON 

Output ...

Values in column `XYZ` of `Transcript`: [ 'x', 'y', 'z', 'q', 'b' ] 

{"_ID":"22","ROW":"3","LRB":"L+ ","XYZ":"z"}

See Also

  • valid-records - validate specified fields within a set of records (ndjson)
  • valid-xl - validate values in columns of an excel worksheet