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Used to send Parse Server password reset and email verification emails though Amazon SES

Parse Server Simple SES Email Adapter

With this adapter you can send email for reset password and email verification in parse with AWS SES access.


In the configuration of your parse server you must pass parse-server-simple-ses-adapter as an email adapter.

This is an example parse server config:

// Parse Server Config 
var api = new ParseServer({
    appName: 'My SES App',                                  // Required for email 
    databaseURI:  DATABASE_URI,
    cloud: CLOUD_CODE_MAIN,
    appId: APP_ID,
    masterKey: MASTER_KEY,
    fileKey: FILE_KEY,
    serverURL: SERVER_URL,
    publicServerURL: SERVER_URL,                            // Required for email 
    allowClientClassCreation: false,
    verbose: false,
    emailAdapter: {
        module: 'parse-server-simple-ses-adapter',
        options: {
            fromAddress: '',
            apiKey: SES_ACCESS_KEY,                         // SES API Key 
            apiSecret: SES_SECRET_KEY,                      // SES API Secret 
            domain: '',                  // A verified domain in SES 
            amazon: '' // OPTIONAL: Defaults to us-east-1 


This module is pull request friendly in the develop branch feel free of send new features or bug fixes.

If you find a bug please open an issue.