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Used to send Parse Server password reset and email verification emails through Mandrill, supporting templates.

How to install:

$ npm install parse-server-mandrill-adapter --save

How to use:

var server = ParseServer({
  // App Name
  appName: 'YourAppName',
  // Environment where the user can confirm his e-mail address or reset his password (most likely the same as your 'serverURL')
  publicServerURL: 'YourPublicServerURL',
  emailAdapter: {
    module: 'parse-server-mandrill-adapter',
    options: {
      // API key from Mandrill account
      apiKey: 'API-KEY',
      // From email address
      fromEmail: '',
      // Display name
      displayName: '',
      // Reply-to email address
      replyTo: '',
      // Verification email subject
      verificationSubject: 'Please verify your e-mail for *|appname|*',
      // Verification email body. This will be ignored when verificationTemplateName is used.
      verificationBody: 'Hi *|username|*,\n\nYou are being asked to confirm the e-mail address *|email|* with *|appname|*\n\nClick here to confirm it:\n*|link|*',
      // Password reset email subject
      passwordResetSubject: 'Password Reset Request for *|appname|*',
      // Password reset email body. This will be ignored when passwordResetTemplateName is used.
      passwordResetBody: 'Hi *|username|*,\n\nYou requested a password reset for *|appname|*.\n\nClick here to reset it:\n*|link|*',
       * If you are using Mandrill templates: *
      // If you want to use other custom User attributes in the emails
      // (for example: firstName, lastName), add them to the list (username and email 
      // are pre-loaded).
      // The merge tag in the template must be equal to the attribute's name.
      customUserAttributesMergeTags: ['firstname', 'lastname'],
      // The name of your Mandrill template for the password reset email:
      // If you add this attribute, then passwordResetBody will be ignored.
      // IMPORTANT: Make sure the email has the *|link|* merge tag,
      //            it will render the url to reset the password.
      passwordResetTemplateName: 'password-reset-template-name',
      // The name of your Mandrill template for the verification email:
      // If you add this attribute, then verificationBody will be ignored.
      // IMPORTANT: Make sure the email has the *|link|* merge tag,
      //            it will render the url to verify the user.
      verificationTemplateName: 'email-verification-template-name',

You can use the following variables in the subjects and bodies and they will be replaced with their appropriate values:

*|appname|* - your application's display name

*|username|* - the user's display name

*|email|* - the user's email address

*|link|* - the link the user must click to perform the requested action

Note that these variable tokens are formatted using the MailChimp merge language. If your Mandrill account is using the Handlebars merge language, you should use the alternative format, e.g. {{appname}}, {{username}}, etc. The Mandrill merge language style can be configured in your Mandrill settings under 'Sending Defaults'.

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