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parse-key build status

Parses strings into key objects of the same format as the ones emitted by nodejs readline.

Counter part to stringify-key.


npm i parse-key


var parse = require('parse-key');
parse('ctrl-c')       // returns { name: 'c', ctrl: true, meta: false, shift: false, alt: false, sequence: '\u0003' } 
parse('shift-ctrl-c') // returns { name: 'c', ctrl: true, meta: false, shift: true, alt: false, sequence: '\u0003' } 
parse('alt-c')        // returns { name: 'c', ctrl: false, meta: false, shift: false, alt: true, sequence: 'c' } 


For completeness' sake, the alt modifier is parsed and included with the returned key although the nodejs readline does not include it in its key object nor does it have any effect when the key is emitted.