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Database configuration URL parser for node.js

DATABASE_URL parser for node.js

This is an npm package that parses database configurations passed in as URLs. This is typically useful in Heroku deployments, where the database configuration is given in the DATABASE_URL environment variable.

This library is tested against the following platforms.

Keep in mind that the versions above are not hard requirements.

The preferred installation method is to add the library to the dependencies section in your package.json.

  "dependencies": {
    "parse-database-url": "*"

Alternatively, npm can be used to install the library directly.

npm install parse-database-url

Once the library is installed, require-ing it returns the function that parses URLs.

var parseDbUrl = require("parse-database-url");

And you can use that to parse URLs :)

var dbConfig = parseDbUrl(process.env["DATABASE_URL"]);

The library comes with unit tests. Please make sure they pass before submitting a pull request.

npm install
npm test

If you modify the parser, please add test cases showing your changes to test/parse_cases.json.

The library is Copyright (c) 2013 Victor Costan, and distributed under the MIT License.