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This package is no longer maintained as I no longer use it for my projects

Parse AWS Firehose Logger Adapter

If you're deploying parse-server onto an AWS cluster (either ecs, straight ec2, or elastic beanstalk). It is useful to see all of the machines logs all in one place. AWS Firehose will accept logging at any scale. With just a few clicks on the AWS console, you can setup a firehose stream that feeds into elastic search. AWS provides a link to a kibana ui to elastic search that makes visualizing your logs nice and easy.

parse-server -> AWS Firehose -> Elastic Search -> Kibana

How to use

loggerAdapter: new FirehoseLoggerAdapter({ streamName });

Other winston logger options can also be passed:

loggerAdapter: new FirehoseLoggerAdapter({ streamName, level: 'verbose' });

AWS Credentials

It should be possible to pass accessKeyId and secretAccessKey values in the options.

For AWS credentials, see Configuring the SDK for JavaScript. On developer machines, use a standard location for your credentials. For deployment on EC2, use a role.


npm i parse-aws-firehose-logger-adapter

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